Tracked 360 Excavators

Tracked 360 Excavators for Hire

360 excavator hire is in high demand in the UK, especially in London, because of how essential they are for construction jobs. 360 excavators are the perfect plant equipment for city construction projects because of their high manoeuvrability. This allows your team to work efficiently and maximise productivity, helping you to complete your contract within that all important deadline. We only hire out tracked excavators with 360 degree reach that delivers every time. If you hire an excavator from us, rest assured that it will be in the best condition and will easily meet your requirements.

Tracked Excavators for Hire below 8 Tonnes (Mini & Midi)

For larger construction jobs a heavy duty excavator may be needed. We have excavators that have a range of operating weight from 13 tonnes up to 36 tonnes. We’re certain that you’ll find an excavator to hire from us that will meet all of your construction requirements. Our tracked excavators all meet the latest health and safety requirements. They’re also designed for maximum visibility and usability for the operator whilst delivering high controllability. You’ll also be reducing noise pollution and keeping carbon emissions at a minimum when you hire one of our tracked excavators.

ModelEngine rated power (kW)Bucket capacity (m³)Bucket digging force (kN)PDF SpecHire
ZX17U-211.00.020 - 0.05016.0DOWNLOADHire Now
ZX29U-319.70.0822.6DOWNLOADHire Now
ZX48U-328.40.1432.1DOWNLOADHire Now
ZX85US-339.40.13 - 0.3355.0DOWNLOADHire Now

Tracked Excavators for Hire above 8 Tonnes

We have a range of tracked mini and midi excavators for hire. Each of these excavators has a lifting capacity of below 8 tonnes and is easily manageable. If you’re in need of machinery to execute a small excavation job, then a mini excavator could be all you need. If a mini excavator will be too small for your job but you don’t quite want to invest in a heavy-duty one, then a midi excavator may be appropriate. We have midi excavators for hire that have a weight range of 6 to 8 tonnes. All of the excavators we offer under 8 tonnes have excellent manoeuvrability and are extremely reliable. View our model specs or contact us today to discuss your excavation requirements.

ModelEngine rated power (kW)Bucket capacity (m³)Bucket digging force (kN)PDF Spec 
ZX130-369.00.19 - 0.6699.0DOWNLOADHire Now
ZX135US-369.00.19 - 0.6699.0DOWNLOADHire Now
ZX210LC-3122.00.51 - 1.20151.0DOWNLOADHire Now
ZX225USRLC-3122.00.51 - 1.20151.0DOWNLOADHire Now
ZX250LC-51321.00 - 1.62188DOWNLOADHire Now
ZX290LCN-51401.00 - 1.62202DOWNLOADHire Now
ZX350LC-52021.40 - 2.00246DOWNLOADHire Now
ZX520LCR2601.70 - 2.20287 DOWNLOADHire Now
ZX520LCH2601.70 - 2.20287DOWNLOADHire Now