Forward Tipping Dumpers

Tipper / Dumper Trucks for Hire

As with any large construction job, movement of material around the site is bound to be an issue. By hiring one of our easily manoeuvrable dumper trucks, you can easily manage this. Our range of dumpers includes both front tip and power swivel to deliver easy functionality and more efficient site material management. All of our trucks have four-cylinder-turbo-charged engines with torque converter four-speed transition. This, combined with the hydraulically operated, fully welded steel plate skip makes them perfect for heavy-duty site material transport needs. Find out more about hiring a dumper truck by calling us today.

ModelMax. safe loadHeapedWaterPDF SpecHire
6 Tonne Front Tip6000 kg3400 litres1925 litresDOWNLOADHire Now
6 Tonne Power Swivel6000 kg3150 litres1650 litresDOWNLOADHire Now
9 Tonne Front Tip9000 kg4600 litres2155 litresDOWNLOADHire Now
9 Tonne Power Swivel9000 kg4250 litres2050 litresDOWNLOADHire Now